Why aren’t people reading their Bible

What is with Christians not reading their bible. It’s so important to be in the bible and actively reading God’s word.  So much of our days take us away from being close to God.  Being in the bible and being impacted by its’ words daily is the best way to stay near to Christ.

This has been a major theme  just in the last two days. I had coffee with a coach and his wife, the major theme was what does the bible say. I was working out with another coach this morning and we talked about being out of the habit of reading daily. I’ve been meeting with a young athlete who wants to stay grounded in his faith when he goes to college, but he isn’t in the word daily.

To all of them, and I’ve been saying to myself, being in God’s word daily is how we stay connected to God’s perfect guidance and hear how he wants us to live.

With one of them I spent time talking about the gift of tongues and discerning what our experience was based on what scripture says. This is a subject that easily divides Christians and is an “in house” debate.  But we agreed that we need to know what the bible says about the topic and let that lead us into how we should act on that particular area of our faith.

It’s funny how we Christians agree on so many things but a small issue like spiritual gifts can divide us so quickly. The bible says we are all brothers and sisters, meaning we are all part of the same family. And yet we argue about such petty things.

The bible needs to be our standard. ” it is good for teaching correcting and training in righteousness” If that’s what God says of it why don’t we treat it that way. So many people I know think its some sort of mystical talisman that only the most “learn-ed” among us can possibly understand. But it says “don’t be drunk” that’s pretty straight forward, and so is “love your wife as Christ loved the Church”. These things aren’t hard to understand.

” I am the same yesterday today and forever” if that’s true then the bible that has been the same for 2000 years still accurately describes the God that we worship. He’s not going to change based on the culture, and he’s not going to change because of technology. When we read the bible today it still tells us about the God of today. How do I know? Cause he doesn’t change.

John 15:5 says apart from God we can do nothing. Reading the bible is THE BEST WAY to stay connect to Christ. So if we want to anything of value why don’t we read our bible every day? What is keeping you from being in God’s word and getting to know him better?


3 Steps to Telling YOUR God Story

Everybody has a story. If you have a relationship with God, aka you’re a Christian, then you have a God story. That is how God is working in your life.

I think its comical that believers have “witness envy”. You know you don’t have the,”  I was a axe murder then one day one of my victims shared Jesus with me and I gave my life to Christ and moved to Somalia to feed the poor, story” . But everyone has a God story and most likely it is relevant to the people you Know and are going to share it with.

There are two types of God stories that you can share with those around you. There’s (1) how you came to put your faith in Jesus and (2)  what God is doing in your life.

. . . Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, (1 Peter 3:15 NIV)

Basic steps for telling your God story 1. You before God – what was it that drew you to want God in your life. Don’t over glamorize how bad you were. 2. How you met God – how did you get introduced. What was it that made you fall in love with Christ. 3. How has you life changed – what about you is different.  What hope do you have now that you have chosen to follow Christ.

It only takes a few minutes to think through it. You don’t have to be a polished speaker to share your story. My experience has been that most of the time this happens over a meal or coffee with a Friend. If you want to practice try it on a Friend who is a Christian.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing badly” – GK Chesterton

The most important part is just to tell it. Your Story is how God changed your life, that’s a miracle.

Overcoming Your Parents Divorce

Divorce is rampant in America today with more then half of all marriages ending in divorce. For me it’s personal, my parents were divorced when I was two and my mom was married four times by the time I was a junior in high school. Needless to say my formative years were shaped by the destruction that divorce causes in a family.

In scripture there there is only one place where Jesus interacts with someone who is deeply impacted by divorce and that’s in John 4 and the woman at the well. Jesus never condoned her divorces but he didn’t condemn her as a person either. Jesus offered what she truly needed a relationship with God and a hope with no end, himself.

Divorce is not Gods plan. It feels like the easy route to happiness but causes destruction. Most of the time divorce happens when two people aren’t getting along in marriage and aren’t willing to do the hard work to fix it. So they think just ending the marriage will get them out of the bad situation. It does provide distance from fights and confrontation but it causes destruction in almost all of your relationships. Especial for the children of divorcing parents.

So as the child of divorcing parents how do you deal with it. First You can’t fix your parents marriage. It’s not your relationship so you can’t do the hard work for them. Even so the idea of divorcing parents calls into question everything in your life especially your own identity and your relationship with either parent.

We all have imperfect parents but whether your parents are together or not but as a believer in Christ you have a perfect father in heaven who loves you and gave his son so that he could know you.

God loved you so much that he gave his most prized possession so he could re-establish a relationship with you. You are that important to Him. That is the fact that will get you through the tough time when you struggling with how to deal with your parents divorce.

But what are some practice steps to getting through you parents divorce?

4 things you can do to deal with divorce in your family 1. Talk to God – daily quiet time, journaling 2. Lean on friends 3. Ask for help – God, Friends, teachers, pastors, etc 4. Give yourself a break – it’s not your fault don’t act like it is, give yourself breaks from it go for a drive get out of the house, etc

Maybe it’s not your parents but a close Friend of yours who’s parents are going through it and you want to know how to help.

3 Ways You Can Help a Friend Deal with Divorce 1. Be there – talk it out or just be quiet 2. Invite them out or over to your house – Give stable environment to escape to 3. Pray for them

Most importantly

Be determined not to let it happen in your own marriage!

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